Mayweather Triumphs in 10th Round TKO of McGregor


Floyd Mayweather came out of a two-year retirement to beat Connor McGregor and confirm his title as the best boxer in the world.

The super-hyped, pay-per-view battle between the boxer and the mixed martial arts fighter proved to be lengthier than most might have expected. McGregor, 29, who predicted a first-round knock out win, was surprisingly composed throughout the face-off.

Mayweather, 40, and his team claimed that their plan for the tussle was to let McGregor use his strength early in the rounds and get his big shots out before Mayweather would systematically take him out.

The strategy has apparently paid off, since the boxer allowed points in the first three rounds to McGregor, but only one judge had a round showing a win for the MMA fighter.

Still, early in the row, the Money Maker Mayweather had some fans who bet heavily on the champ, wondering if their wagers would be lost.

MMA fighter McGregor, was warned twice for rabbit-punching as Mayweather focused in on solid steady shots to McGregor’s body. Mayweather was cool and calculating, even forcing McGregor to confess of the champ, “…boy, is he composed.”

By round seven, McGregor was showing signs of fatigue, though he was valiant in his efforts. Mayweather remained steady, getting in shots and keeping his guard strong.

Ending round nine with McGregor wobbling, the Money Maker seemed to have a little fun taking the 29-year-old off balance and sending him back to his corner.

Things wrapped in the tenth when officials called the fight in favor of the boxing champion. The 40-year-old had added win number 50 to his record, securing his position in boxing history.

Mayweather one-upped the standing record of 49-0 belonging to legend Rocky Marciano, who retired as unbeaten heavyweight champion.

McGregor and Mayweather embraced following the fight, with both men giving props to their opponents. Still, McGregor could not help but defend himself, saying that he could have gone on and wanted to be taken down instead of just plain defeated.

Mayweather, who in his earlier career may have shared the desire to have knocked-out his nemesis, proved he had matured with his statement, “A win is a win, no matter how you get it,” he said. “Rocky Marciano is a legend, and I look forward to going into the Hall of Fame one day.

Mayweather confirmed his retirement following the fight.


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