Miami Dolphins Line Coach Chris Foerster being Investigated

Miami Dolphins Chris Foerster

The Miami Dolphins offensive line coach (Photo:Twitter) has shifted the focus of the franchise from football to outrageously controversial video. In a resurfaced FaceBook video, Chris Foerster, is seen snorting lines of a white powdery substance. The post’s producer claims the lines were “blow,” a common term for cocaine.

According to the Miami Herald, a spokesperson for the Dolphins announced late Sunday that the organization was aware of the video, but would not be commenting. The individual also said that an investigation would be performed and Foerster’s position within the franchise would be determined as soon as Monday.

The 56-second video, which has become a topic of hot dispute, plainly shows Foerster’s face (sources have confirmed his identity), although the date of the video is unknown, as is the original source of the clip.

The twice-hired Dolphins’ defensive line coach is shown sitting at a desk with a tightly rolled $20 bill, through which he snorts lines of the substance and asks, “What, do you think I’m crazy?” Throughout the video he appears to be fondly addressing a pregnant woman with whom he used to get high. He then claims he’s going to a meeting.

Foerster, 55, began his coaching career as a graduate assistant with Colorado State in 1982 and has worked with eight different teams in the NFL including Minnesota, Tampa Bay, Washington, Indianapolis, and San Francisco. Out of 24 seasons, he has coached with the Miami Dolphins through two separate runs, most recently since 2016.

The video is circulating on social media and through various outlets. It contains expletive language as well as the alleged drug use.

Regardless of the age of the video, the substance in question, or the film’s intended recipient, Foerster appears to have clearly answered his own question, “What, do you think I’m crazy?”


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