Miami mixes Celebrities, Sports, and Sun at Marlins Park, ESPN to air All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game

Miami Marlins Stadium

Miami news: The heat was on in Miami, but Major League Baseball’s All-Stars and sporty celebs pulled off a cool game in Marlins Park.

The All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game is scheduled to be televised by ESPN immediately following the T-Mobile Home Run Derby.

Fans came from near and far, some waiting for hours in the 90 degree heat to get a chance to meet one of their favorite MLB stars or the pop-culture celebrities who thought they could keep up with them.

Hall of Famers Rickey Henderson, Tim Raines, and Pudge Rodiguez graced fans by signing autographs and posing for Instagram and Snapchat pics.

Raines, who was finally inducted into the Hall of Fame earlier this year, and is now officially recognized as MLB’s most successful base stealer, tweeted from Marlins Park:

“Being interviewed by kid reporters. Awesome”

The game which was oozing with HOF talent also included celebrities like the magnetic Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.

Foxx, who lead the celeb-studded team, had this to say to reporters when asked about his athletic abilities:

“I was an athlete the minute I came out of the womb.”

Rounding out the team of famous faces were singer/host Christina Milian, “Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay, Miles Teller of “Whiplash” fame,  hot dog-eating champion Joey Chestnut and former Miami Dolphins defensive end and linebacker Jason Taylor.

Miami-born actor William Levy, aka the Cuban Brad Pitt, wowed the crowd with three home runs and a catch in centerfield.

Former Marlin players Benito Santiago and Pudge Rodriguez also hit impressive home runs.

Miami-man and Hall of Famer Andre Dawson hit an unbelievable home run over the regulation baseball fence, and Marlins World Series hero Livan Hernandez managed to get one over the same fence with his home run.

The highly-spirited and highest-scoring All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game ended with the National League squad winning 28-22.



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