Miami Teams join Florida Rescuers helping Texas Flood Victims

Flood Texas

Miami-Dade’s Search and Rescue team along with Miami’s Swift Water Response team are heading to Texas to aid victims of flooding left in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

The highly-skilled groups of rescue workers are driving 1,200 miles in order to set up base in Houston and join with other teams from Florida and around the country.

Miami’s Swift Water Response team will be utilizing boat operations to perform active search and rescue missions throughout the massive flood covering. Miami’s Fire-Rescue will work Hazmat duties in contaminated waters. The rescue workers will aid with collapsed buildings, stranded residents, relocation and recovery efforts.

Florida Task Force 1 Chief Andy Alvarez,  “We will be ready to assist in any type of rescue,”

The 45-member crew is bringing along much needed boats in order to carry out the extensive undertakings.

In what is being called the largest mass-feeding in U.S. history, the Savation Army of Palm Beach County has deployed a mobile kitchen unit to relieve victims of Harvey. They can serve 1500 meals per day and also offer a refreshment stand for first responders.

The Miami-Dade area American Red Cross is sending food, water and blood to the catastrophically flooded Texas areas. Five vehicles capable of serving meals are driving into regions which otherwise could be impossible to reach with essential food. Cleaning supplies and compassion will be freely distributed by the caring volunteers aboard the trucks.

Lt. Colonel Ken Luyk, the Florida Divisional Commander, has directed that all Florida disaster resources be ready to respond to support any requests from Texas.



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