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Art Basel Miami Beach 2017

Art Basel Miami Beach 2017

Art Basel, a week filled with contemporary art and extravagant parties, is expected to break attendance records. The annual production has been hosted in Miami Beach since 2002 and has committed to another five years at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Highlighting both established and newly emerging artists, the event is actually three art shows staged annually in Basel, Switzerland; Miami Beach, Florida; and Hong Kong.

Miami’s Art Basel has taken on quite the life of its own, drawing huge crowds (77,000 or so for the past two years) and dazzling spin-off events.

Traffic takes a huge hit during the annual week of modern art and glamour. But most are willing to accept the temporary inconvenience for the greater good – the economic boost Art Basel brings.

Those wanting to see and buy art, mingle with those who may just want to be seen. Still the cultural kudos gained by hosting the festivities makes for an enjoyable upheaval.

Oh yes, the art is pretty fabulous too. In just one private dinner party last year, hosted to market a $28.5 million property in Miami Beach’s Venetian Islands, there was an estimated $30 million in art displayed.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2017 runs December 7 through December 10.

Miami and Miami Beach will offer free trolleys throughout the week of the fair. Art Miami, will also offer a shuttle from its tent to the convention center.

The Miami Beach Trolley schedule, will be running numerous pickups downtown to the barrier island.

Lyft showcasing a new bus ride-share service, called Lyft Shuttle, to lug passengers along routes to popular fairs and events such as Pulse, Art Basel Miami Beach, and Spectrum.

For more information and a complete list of Art Basel Miami Beach 2017 events, visit https://www.artbasel.com/.



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