Miami Beach pop-up Museum of Ice Cream will stay until February 26

Museum of Ice Cream Miami Beach

Fans off the sweet, four-story, pink, pop-up Museum of Ice Cream, which opened in December, will be happy to hear that the exhibition dedicated to fantastic frozen treats will be sticking around in Miami Beach through February 26.

Located at 3400 Collins Avenue in the Faena District, the hands-on museum which previewed during Art Basel, commemorates a plethora of cool confections. Decorated with delicious decor featuring bananas, gummy bears and gigantic chocolate-covered ice cream bites.

The museum’s most popular attraction has been the “sprinkle pool,” a mini-swimming pool topped with 100 million plastic dots. Described as Instagram Heaven, guests are encouraged to dive in and immerse themselves in sprinkle euphoria.

Unfortunately, the artificial sprinkles became a problem and the city of Miami Beach fined the museum for causing “an environmental hazard” when the “sprinkles” sprang up on sidewalks and streets surrounding the museum.

The city’s Code Compliance department issued violations which totaled $3,000. The museum them made changes which helped correct the issue of wandering sprinkles. The “pool” was moved to the beginning of the experience and most dots are collected through backpack vacuums inside the museum.

According to museum officials, there have been no further complaints.

The extension is big new for the Miami Beach museum, since it will have welcomed over 100,000 visitors since its opening last December.

he Museum of Ice Cream is open Wednesdays through Mondays. Admission is $38 per person. Children under the age of three are free. For more information, visit


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