Home Entertainment New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles headed for Super Bowl LII

New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles headed for Super Bowl LII

New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles headed for Super Bowl LII

The New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles are headed for Super Bowl LII. The 2018 show will be brought to you by the magic of Tom Brady and the mystery of Nick Foles.

The Pats came back from a fourth-quarter deficit to nab a 24-20 victory over the playoff-worthy Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday.

Later, the Eagles fought like, well, Vikings as they savagely battled Minnesota for their 38-7 ticket to the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl LII is February 4, 2018 at  U.S. Bank Stadium, Minneapolis, MN. Justin Timberlake is leading the Halftime show.

Let’s recap the playoff games:
Patriots/Jaguars – AFC Championship

Tom Brady’s bunch took a hard blow as the impressive Rob Gronkowski suffered a huge hit to the helmet in the first half courtesy of Vikings safety Barry Church. Sadly, Brady’s preferred dance partner was presumed to have suffered a concussion and stayed out for the rest of the game.

Enter Danny Amendola.

New England was still down 20-10 early in the fourth when Amendola showcased his outrageous ability to catch, hold on to the ball, and stay in bounds in order to score what would end up being the game-winning touchdown. It wasn’t the only solid catch the reliable player made, but it sure came at the right time for the Patriots.

The come back marks the 54th time that Mr. Brady has led his team to a victory from a fourth-quarter deficit. To sweeten the win, it was at home in Gillette Stadium.

Props must be given to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The team was minutes away from a trip to the big game. They worked hard. They played great. They almost got there.

Eagles/Vikings – NFC Championship

Philadelphia took a 14-7 lead fairly early. By halftime it was Eagles 24, Vikings 7.

The game quickly continued to be dominated by the Eagles as they soared to 31-7 in the third. Minnesota thought they would put up some points, but were denied Thielen’s amazing touchdown catch, when it was overturned on review.

By the opening of the fourth quarter, it looked like the Eagles had landed their place in SB-LII as Alshon Jeffry scored his second touchdown to bring their lead up to 31 points  and Minnesota was tagged with an unnecessary roughness penalty.

In the end, it was the Eagles with a 38-7 triumph over the Vikings.

Super Bowl

So who will win Super Bowl LII? The Patriots have a habit of winning Super Bowls, but if anyone could overthrow the Pats’ dynasty, it is the Eagles. With the performance on Sunday, they’ve proven that they have come to collect their rings.



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