No Escape from the Heat – Scorching days, Simmering nights ahead

Hot Temperatures Beach

Just about everything in South Florida is hot – the fashion, the events, the beaches, and of course – the weather! When most of the country is starting to notice a chill in the air and fall colors beginning to emerge from leaves, SoFl is still basking in a warm tropical glow.

Temperatures in the 90’s with lows in the 80’s might be what you think of for July or August, but October? That’s a record even for sizzling South Florida.

The overnight low hovered at 80 degrees at Palm Beach International Airport on Sunday morning, tying the high for the record low temperature set for Oct. 8 in 1990. Monday morning’s overnight low of 80 degrees is on course to tie the 2009 low.

Fort Lauderdale was feeling the heat when the daytime high shot to 91 degrees on Sunday, tying a 1989 record. The overnight low refused to dip below 82 degrees Sunday morning, and tied the record warm minimum set 10 years ago.

Will this heat wave continue? There’s a good chance it will, according to meteorologist Chris Fisher with the National Weather Service in Miami, “…unless we get some rain there’s not much to pull the temperatures down.”

Fisher believes the strong east wind could allow for more record-breaking warmth. The temperatures could continue to climb this week.

The average highs for this time of year are around 86 degrees, plenty hot at that, but the week’s forecast calls for highs in the upper 80’s in West Palm Beach and most of South Florida.

Humidity remains high and the actual feel of the temperatures may be at or near 100 degrees, due to extreme conditions.

Meanwhile, Winter Storm Aiden gave the city of Denver its first snow of the season on Monday where 2.8 inches of snow was reported at Denver International Airport as of 6 p.m. MDT. An estimated 15.4 inches piled up at the Deadman Hill SNOTEL station near Glendevey, Colorado.

Time to hit the beach!



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