Nor’easter may bring big waves, rip currents, and flooding to South Florida

South Florida weather waves rip tides

The destructive weather that has torn its way up the Northeast coast, will bring changes to South Florida Monday and throughout the workweek.

Credited for killing at least nine people, the massive nor’easter, that left areas without power, covered in snow, and brought New England beaches ashore is sending wild seas and weather our way. This week’s temperatures will perform a bit of a yo-yo trick; here’s what to expect:

After a noticeably cooler and drier weekend, including some of the lowest numbers we’ve seen in South Florida in about a month – Sunday morning dipped into the 40’s in a few interior areas – Monday morning continued with a brisk start, mostly in the upper 50’s and low 60’s.

Highs on Monday will rebound into the mid 70’s as coastal flooding and rip currents remain a risk, according to the National Weather Service.

Beachgoers should be on the lookout for double red flags which indicate no swimming is permitted, likely thanks to potential for rip currents.

Waves are forecast to increase to a stunning 15 feet on Monday, the largest Southeastern Florida has seen with this weather system.

Along with those impressive waves comes potential for significant beach erosion and sand displacement.

Tuesday and Wednesday are projected to encounter a warming trend with afternoon highs at or above 80 degrees. While Tuesday should remain dry with a few clouds, the chance of rain in the form of scattered thunderstorms increases to about 60 percent on Wednesday.

Thursday’s outlook is dry with a high of only around 70 and overnight lows hovering in the 50 degree range. Friday should remain dry and top out at about 70 with lows at or near 60 degrees.

The weekend outlook appears to be headed into another warming trend as portions of the nation begin bracing for a blizzard. An increased chance of showers is also expected as temps in our area bounce back into the 80’s.


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