North Korea begins New Year with more nuclear threats to U.S.

Kim Jong Un North Korea

Leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un began 2018 with statements such as, “The entire area of the U.S. mainland is within our nuclear strike range.”

He continued by saying the United States “can never start a war against me and our country.”

This new wave of threats against the U.S. boasts his nation’s ability to deploy nuclear weapons directed to our nation with the push of a desk-top button.

President Trump, who was attending a New Year’s Eve party at his Palm Beach Estate, Mar-a-Lago, shrugged off questions about Kim’s newest threats to the U.S.

Kim also spoke of improving relations with South Korea while he suggested an interest in the Winter Olympics – in South Korea.

“The Winter Olympic games that will be held soon in the South will be a good opportunity to display the status of the Korean nation and we sincerely wish that the event will be held with good results,” he said.

The leader also reported his country’s economic advancements during the speech, and implied that North Korea was trying to improve the standard of living.

The speech comes after both the U.S. and the United Nations issued layers of sanctions against the state in response to Pyongyang’s aggressive weapons testing.


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