Palm Beach County Chairwoman will lead Florida Democrats for next three years

Terry Rizzo

Palm Beach County Chairwoman will lead Florida Democrats for the next three years

Terry Rizzo, Palm Beach County Democratic Party chairwoman, was elected as the new chairwoman for the Florida Democrats on Saturday.

The position comes with a three-year term.

In a 830 – 291 vote by the Democratic executive committee, Rizzo, 70, beat out Brevard County’s chairwoman, Stacey Patel.

The special election of a new leader became necessary when Stephen Bittel abruptly resigned from the position in November. The wealthy Miami-Dade County businessman and real estate developer was said to have fostered a poor work environment for women.

Rizzo, who has served as the Palm Beach County Democrats chairwoman since 2012, had humble beginnings in politics. The new leader began as a volunteer on John Kerry‘s presidential campaign in 2004. Rizzo was selected as a precinct committeewoman before becoming the county vice chairwoman, then leader of the Palm Bach Democrats.

She hopes to create an inclusive atmosphere, not tied to lobbyists or donor dollars.



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