Palm Beach County getting stoked for Kelly Slater surf ranch

Kelly Slater surf facebook image

Get ready to hang ten!

The Palm Beach County commissioners approved a proposed wave park planned by award-winning surfer, Kelly Slater.

According to the documents filed with the county, the new attraction calls for a 2,000-foot-long man-made lake near Jupiter Farms. The surf ranch, which is about 8 miles from the nearest beach, will generate waves perfect for surfing.

Slater appears to be excited about the South Florida endeavor. “Cannot wait to see a bunch more stoked people riding waves,” he wrote on social media after learning of the approval. “This is gonna be fun.”

Kelly Slater first introduced the perfect artificial wave in a 2015 video showing him riding a flawless, tubular, head-high wave.

Also included in the project is a surf school which will house world surfing competitions that would draw-in a projected 83,000 guests each year, according to the project’s representatives.

There’s no information on how much the undertaking will cost and whether or not it will be available for daily surfers to use in hopes of catching the perfect wave.

Developers are expected to immediately start pulling construction permits.

Image: Kelly Slater Wave Co, FaceBook



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