Palm Beach County ranks #3 on Florida’s fastest-growing metro areas

Palm Beach County growth

Given the amount of traffic South Florida drivers face each day, it may come as no surprise that Palm Beach County ranks number 3 on the list of Florida’s fastest growing metro areas, according to commercial real estate brokerage Cushman & Wakefield. Only Fort Meyers and Orlando are growing at a faster pace.

The study reports Palm Beach County’s annual population growth at 2.8 percent, followed closely by Indian River County’s rate of 2.7%.

Along with the population boom comes the issue of housing, especially affordable housing and residences for middle income families.

The data also noted that Palm Beach County’s population is expected to officially hit 1.5 million in 2018.

About 200,000 new Floridians are predicted to descend upon the county by the year 2023.

The jump in residents will be met by the spike in new home builds. The western portion of the county has planned thousands of modern residences.

In the immediate future, we can expect more traffic on the roadways, additional construction zones and inconvenient detours – all in preparation for the fast-growing future of Palm Beach County.




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