Parkland School Shooting Survivor asks Melania Trump to stop Cyberbullying and Trump Jr. tweets

Melania Trump

Lauren Hogg, a fourteen-year-old survivor of the Parkland school shooting, is calling out First Lady Melania Trump on her pledge to combat cyberbullying. And the high schooler is asking FLOTUS to start with her step-son, Donald Trump Jr.

On Friday, Hogg tweeted, “Hey @FLOTUS you say that your mission as First Lady is to stop cyber bullying. Well then, don’t you think it would have been smart to have a convo with your step-son @DonaldJTrumpJr before he liked a post about a false conspiracy theory which in turn put a target on my back.”

The tweet in question, which was “liked” by Trump, Jr., was one that promoted a conspiracy theory that claimed Lauren Hogg’s brother, Stoneman Douglas student David Hogg, was coached by the siblings’ father who is a former FBI agent.

David Hogg has been outspoken with his views opposing those of President Donald Trump. He has appeared on numerous media outlets including “CNN,” “CBS’ Meet the Press,”  and “Anderson Cooper 360” where he said Trump Jr.’s “like” was “disgusting.”

As student journalist, David had the wherewithal to record the violent attack in real time on his cell phone while he simultaneously interviewed students hiding in a closest with him.

He has been one of the most recognizable faces leading the #NeverAgain gun control movement challenging politicians and companies to no longer take money from or work with the NRA.

Lauren Hogg says that Trump Jr.’s endorsement of the tweet “created a safe space for people all over the world to call me and my family horrific things that constantly re-victimizes us and our community.”

The Washington Post reported that the Hogg family has received death threats online in response to the conspiracy theories.

At a United Nations luncheon, Mrs. Trump said of her child-forward platform including bullying, “We must teach each child the values of empathy, communication — a core of mindfulness, integrity and leadership, which can only be taught by example.”

As of publishing time, there has been no known direct response from Melania Trump or a representative regarding Hogg’s tweets.


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