Police say South Florida Man held Woman and Children in home

Locked door

James Caparco, 34 was arrested Sunday on charges of false imprisonment, child abuse, and battery, according to Lantana Police.

Reports show that a woman who let Caparco live in her home for the past two months said she had been emotionally and physically abused before she decided she “had enough.”

When the woman tried to leave with her daughter and son, Caparco refused to allow them, she explained to officers.

The woman said Caparco blocked the front of the door and repeatedly pushed her away. She also stated he dragged her off of their bed when she threatened to call police. She added that he kicked her when she attempted to escape.

At some point during the struggle between Caparco and the woman, her son called the police from his room.

The boy reportedly told police that he had been hungry since the day before and watched Caparco pick up a chair from his room, throw it on the ground, and break it.

Following his arrest, a Palm Beach County judge ordered no contact between Caparco and the woman or children.

James Caparco was held on an $18,000 bond.


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