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Reading this? Thank a Teacher

Reading this? Thank a Teacher

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.”
–Henry Brooks Adams

Today is World Teachers’ Day, a day to remember and be thankful for those who taught you.

Teaching may be the most underrated profession in the world. Though oft overlooked and underpaid, teachers continue to work tirelessly day after day, pouring knowledge into the lives of students they may only have contact with for one school year.

The role of teachers has changed dramatically in the past few decades. Once a noble profession, now regarded as a utilitarian position, largely evaluated by standardized test scores. Salaries have been tied to those same test scores, courses of study have been increased and dictated; the school day has become so minutely scheduled that there is little room for fun and creativity. In a nutshell: the job of the American teacher has increasingly become more difficult and less respected.

In this ever-changing world, it is not surprising that teachers would face new challenges, but it seems that the profession in general has taken the brunt of education funding loss, debate over unified curriculum, and elevated student remonstrance.

Somehow, across this nation, the delicate balance of teaching and nurturing is beautifully carried out each and every day by thousands of heroic men and women. Surely, we as humans can do more to support and advocate for this crucial lifeblood of our future.

 “There is an old saying that the course of civilization is a race between catastrophe and education. In a democracy such as ours, we must make sure that education wins the race.”  -PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY

The race between catastrophe and education, about which our former President warned, has never been more apparent.

This race will not be won by Tweets or Face Book posts, it will not be won by the number of followers or likes we accumulate, or the votes tallied by any political party. This great race for education can only truly be won when we as people from all walks of life come together to respect, support, and even honor those individuals who choose to serve the future of this world as teachers.

South Florida News 11 thanks teachers, especially those serving in the 14,700 public, public charter, private, and home-based schools throughout Florida. We’re here to support you!


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