Ron Paul cites 174,000 American jobs created by EB-5 Visa investments, many are in South Florida

EB-5 Jobs Created in U.S.

In an opinion article published by Fox News, former congressman Ron Paul made an enthusiastic case regarding the economic benefits of the immigrant investor EB-5 Visa Program. “If we had more of these foreign investors, we could use them to rebuild America’s infrastructure without using taxpayer money. These investors could also provide the seed capital for the next Microsoft, Amazon or Google.”

In the March 21 article, Ron Paul outlines the advantages of the EB-5 Visa Program and highlights the boon of American jobs that have been created by its participants. Paul references data from the American Action Forum (AAF), that states the Program has resulted in the creation of over 174,000 American jobs. The AAF goes on to report that approximately $20 billion has been pumped into American investment since 2008 as a direct result from the EB-5 program.

The news of the immigrant investor program’s success doesn’t surprise Nicholas Mastroianni III, President of United States Immigration Fund (USIF). He sees the real-life effects of foreign funding each and every day. With a significant number of approved EB-5 projects completed and more underway in places such as New York, New Jersey, California and South Florida, USIF is the leading Regional Center for immigrant investors to invest with through the EB-5 Visa Program. The company is on their way to helping more than 6,000 participants realize their “American Dream” of receiving permanent residency status by investing in America.

“It’s exciting to see how foreign investment is sparking the economy and promoting significant job growth across the U.S.” Mastroianni says. Florida is one of the leading states that have benefited from a percentage of the estimated 174,000 jobs created by the Investment Visa Program. Mastroianni credits the EB-5 Visa Program for breathing new life into economies across the U.S. that were lacking services and amenities and access to much-needed affordable capital.

Via Mizner, an extraordinary property in Boca Raton is a mixed-use, multi-tiered endeavor funded heavily in part by the EB-5 Program. With the Phase I completion in recent months, the project has already successfully produced thousands of jobs in the region. Once fully completed, Via Mizner will feature hotel suites, for-sale condominiums, rental apartments, restaurants and boutiques.

Echoing the tone of Ron Paul’s article, Mastroianni believes that there is no limit to what could be accomplished and the number of jobs that could be created through the EB-5 Visa Program. “Investment through the EB-5 Program could fund infrastructure projects throughout America; airport expansions and safety improvements, development, expansions and technological improvements in federal buildings, border safety projects and further development of our nation’s marine ports of entry – the list goes on and on” said Mastroianni, “we just need smart legislation that includes the proper continuance of the Program including oversight and compliance measures to weed out the bad-actors that are found in every sector of industry in the marketplace”.

Now retired from a lengthy and productive career in politics, Ron Paul remains actively involved in speaking, writing, and commenting on the United States’ political system, immigration and the nation’s economy. He continues to appeal to the American people and those in power in Washington to stand up for programs that benefit our country. “A commonsense program like the EB-5 visa that opens the door to those seeking to invest in America to create new jobs should be a part of any immigration reform considered by Congress.”


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