San Francisco’s Pier 39 saved from Terror Attack – FBI uncovered former Marine’s Christmas plot

Pier 39 San Francisco

The FBI has reported that a former United States Marine from Modesto, California who has pledged support for Islamic State had planned a Christmas week suicide attack on San Francisco’s famed Pier 39.

In court documents filed Friday, authorities alleged that a man named Everitt Aaron Jameson, a 26-year-old tow truck driver, told an undercover FBI employee he believed to be a senior Islamic State leader that Pier 39 would be a perfect location for a terror attack.

Jameson allegedly asked the FBI employee for an assault rifle, ammunition, powder, and additional materials that could be used to construct a pipe bomb.

The suspect allegedly made plans for a substantial loss loss of life and referred to well-known terrorists attacks such as “New York or San Bernardino,” likely referring to the October 31 terrorist attack in New York City and the terrorist attack in Southern California in 2015.

Jameson went on to describe a plan for “explosives to ‘tunnel’ or ‘funnel’ people into a location where Jameson could inflict casualties,” according to the court document.

FBI agents acted under a search warrant on Wednesday at a residence in Modesto and found a note signed by Abdallah abu Everitt ibn Gordon al-Amriki, dated December 16, which in part said, “I Abdallah [abu] Everett ibn Gordon have committed these acts upon Kuffar, in the name of Dar al Islam, Allahu Akbar!” Kuffar, or kafir, is an Arabic term used to describe non-Muslims.

The FBI also seized firearms. Islamic State recently issued a call for attacks on Western cities near the Christmas holidays.

Jameson, the former U.S. Marine who graduated basic recruit training and earned a sharpshooter rifle qualification, was discharged from the Marine Corps later for failing to disclose that he has asthma.

“We are grateful that our hardworking law enforcement partners remain vigilant in protecting our communities, especially during this holiday season,” U.S. Attorney Phillip Talbert said in a statement.

If convicted, Jameson could face up to 20 years in prison.



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