Sanibel Island makes list of 17 Hottest Beaches on Instagram


As the summer season sizzles, and your car becomes more of a sauna than a vehicle, let your mind wander to the sandy shores of your favorite beach.

Now, not all of us can drop everything to go cliff-diving off the Almafi Coast, or lounging on a boat by a Grecian Island, or monkeying around in the jungles of Thailand, but the world according to Instagram can help you find your happy-place on social media.

Here are 17 of the hottest beaches Instagram has to offer: Click here for the slide show

  1. Take the leap into Furore, Italy.
  2. Reflect on calm shores in Costa Rica
  3. She sells seashells on Sanibel Island, Fla.
  4. Go under the sea in Hawaii.
  5. Isola Bella, which is Italian for “beautiful island,” truly lives up to its name.
  6. Koh Klet Kaew, Thaliand is often referred to as Koh Ling, which means “Monkey Island” in Thai.
  7. Belieze is pretty “unBelizeable.”
  8. Float away off the coast of Zakynthos Island in Greece.
  9. Picture perfect purple on Pfeiffer Beach in California.
  10. Swing into cyan surf in the Maldives.
  11. Soak up the sun on the black sand beaches of Santorini, Greece.
  12. Try sitting pretty in pink in the Bahamas.
  13. Wash away stress in the Baths of the British Virgin Islands.
  14. Umbrellas reminiscent of popsicles await in Positano, Italy.
  15. Don’t forget to look up at the San Diego sky.
  16. When you’re done partying in Ibiza
  17. … snag yourself a hideaway in La Jolla.

Now that you’ve seen what Instagram has selected as its favorite beaches, see which area in Florida was named Dr. Beach’s #1 Beach for 2017.


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