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Savvy Millennials boosting Non-Social Apps

Savvy Millennials boosting Non-Social Apps

It can’t be surprising to learn that most of the 170 million Snapchat users are teens and millennials. While the staggering number of devotees may make Snapchat the most popular, it doesn’t make the top ten list of apps in comScore’s “must have” report.

It seems the next generation wants to use Social Media apps, but – if forced – they’d choose time-saving function over selfie-face form.

Goldman Sachs and Condé Nast released a 2017 study which found that Amazon was the #2 app for teens and millennials. Perhaps those who are often called entitled, appreciate the value of purpose-led apps as much as connecting with friends.

Why are utility apps striking a chord with those born with a silver smartphone in their hands?

Business now operates in real-time

Memos are ancient history. Employees have their work email and Slack apps downloaded to their personal devices. Office communications are instantaneous at all levels, which has made getting things done a lot easier— and has blurred some of the boundaries between work and personal life.

Banking is wherever you want it

Back in the day you had to go to the bank to deposit a check. Remember “bankers’ hours?” Mobile banking has changed that. Saving, depositing and investing are easier than ever. Millennials must-haves include a banking app. Closing in on the list is an investment app.

And you thought millennials spent all their grind on coffee.

Pioneer fin-tech app, Mint, and tools like Betterment, and Albert have gained momentum among the wiser-than-you-thought millennials who are looking for an easier way to save and invest. A few platforms are utilizing AI in investing, which definitely speaks their language. It also allows younger investors to make smarter choices that are backed by their love for data.

It’s all about the experience

No question, millennials want experiences over “stuff,” so apps that help free up more precious time for binge-watching or travel are bound to appeal to the crowd.

Shopping apps, food delivery and purchasing apps all contribute to less time doing the mundane necessities of life, and garner more moments for the all important experiences.

What makes your must-have list of apps? What do think is next for real-time world we live in? We want to know what you think.



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