Seminole Heights: Police Chief Dugan, “I don’t sleep at night.” Update on suspected Serial Killer

Chief Dugan

More than 2,300 tips have poured into the Tampa Police Department in connection with what many fear is the work of a serial killer. The suspect is now wanted in connection to at least two of the four recent murders in the Seminole Heights neighborhood.

Tampa Police Chief Brian Dugan addressed a jam-packed room full of reporters and officials on Wednesday. He said that investigators are meticulously going over countless hours of video surveillance and continuing to knock on doors in a massive attempt to locate the suspect.

Reporter: “are you afraid there will be a fifth?” Chief Dugan: “Oh ya. I don’t sleep at night. How could I?”

The reward for information leading to the arrest of the suspect has been raised to $91,000.

“We need to know who this person is,” Dugan said. “We don’t need speculation. We don’t need profiles. We need names.”

The latest of the four murders happened at 4:51 a.m. on Tuesday. Ronald Felton, 60, was shot at least once in the back of the head outside of the New Season Apostolic Church where he was volunteering to feed the homeless.

Police arrived moments after the shooting to find Felton deceased and lying in the street.

The difference with this shooting is that at least one witness actually saw the shooter and offered this description:

  • Black male with a light complexion
  • 6’ to 6’ 2” tall
  • Wore all black clothing
  • Carried a large black pistol
  • Thin build

Officials believe the suspect knows the Seminole Heights area well and likely lives in the area. They are asking everyone, every resident to pay close attention to what is going on in the area, especially around their homes.

Chief Dugan is asking that every individual reports anything they believe could be suspicious.

“Was there someone that you know that should’ve been home, should’ve been at work, should’ve been somewhere that they weren’t around that time (of the murder)? We need to know.”

The Police Chief also wants residents with surveillance cameras to monitor their video and report anything suspicious. “Make sure your video is up and running.”

Anyone who may have information should call Tampa police at (813) 231-6130.

Here is our previous story on this case.



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