Home Entertainment Social app Vero is skyrocketing in popularity, here’s why

Social app Vero is skyrocketing in popularity, here’s why

Social app Vero is skyrocketing in popularity, here’s why

Vero has seen a shocking explosion in popularity. No, we’re talking about the charming East Coast Florida beach town. We’re talking about Vero, the social media app that claims to be the best new app (in both the App Store and Google Play) in over 100 countries. But what makes Vero worth using? Here’s what we know so far:

Vero looks incredibly similar to its direct – and massively successful – competitor, Instagram. But the company that shot from ranking #301 on February 17 to ranking #1 on February 26 promises their social media platform is virtual world’s apart from the other guys.

They claim that Vero has no algorithms or data digging/tracking. The company assures users that it will remain advertising-free, and since the name Vero literally means “truth,” shouldn’t their word be solid?

Without the ad dollars, Vero is using subscriptions to float their platform. They have guaranteed the first one million users – and have expanded that offer – a free lifetime service. If you miss that cutoff, the penalty is not too tough; Vero says it will keep the yearly renewal fees down to a couple of bucks.

The “true social” media site will not sell or share your information. Platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram have been scrutinized for their lack of user privacy and limited options for users.

You can share pics, movies, music and more on Vero, but the company says it will not favor some content over others. Posts will be shown in chronological order. Originators say they will look at user as client, not advertisees.

While Vero seems to have come out of nowhere, the company was founded way back in 2015 by Lebanese billionaire businessman Ayman Hariri. He told CNBC that he founded Vero because he was frustrated with other social networks and found very few options for privacy.

But recent insights into Hariri’s past and the source of his family’s vast wealth have caused many users to delete the app, an act that isn’t as easy as the sign up. While downloading the app is streamlined and easy, deleting it requires a two-step process of applying for removal.

For now, the jury is still out on the prospect of longevity of Vero. If it can prove itself to be the “True social” app that allows you “be yourself,” then it may have a chance to stand up to the big guys, maybe even garner a sizable chunk of their users. But it will need to gain popular trust, which is not an easy task.

The only thing certain about the quirky world of social media and its users, is that it is absolutely always unpredictable.


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