South Florida Airports see delays and cancellations following Nor’easter

South Florida Airport Destinations

Frustrated passengers filled several South Florida airports throughout the weekend. The violent nor’easter that struck east coast states from New England to Virginia wreaked havoc on flights including those to and from popular Florida hubs.

Airlines scrambled to handle the frustrated passengers while maintaining safety protocols that lead to grounded and delayed flights.

Travelers at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport were piling up on Saturday; many just hoping to get “close enough” to their northern destinations.

The overall temperature of the crowd ranged from folks who were smiling through the delays and making the best of their extra time in the South Florida airport to rather stress-out, frustrated individuals who believed the airlines could have done a better job of getting flights out.

The Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport reported at least 80 flights were cancelled with more resulting in delays due to the extreme weather conditions.

Miami International and Palm Beach International Airports faced similar situations of cancelled flights and mounting numbers of stranded passengers.

Airline spokepersons echoed each other by saying that they were doing their best to get passengers to their intended destinations as soon as the weather permitted.

Travelers were largely left on their own to make arrangements for lodging during the delays, some of which lasted for two days or more.

A familiar rhetoric heard from both weary travelers and airline personnel was “You can’t control the weather.”




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