South Florida man drags Pembroke Pines police officer for half mile, charged with attempted murder

A South Florida man who allegedly dragged a Pembroke Pines police officer for a half mile is charged with attempted murder.

The entire event was captured on the police veteran’s bodycam.

Pembroke Pines Police Department officer Jon Cusack is in the hospital recovering from a harrowing experience with a 38-year-old man on Tuesday morning.

The man, Thomas Cabrera, is said to have dragged Cusack from the door frame of his car for about a half-mile.

The officer, who is a 19-year veteran of the police department, approached the driver of a parked vehicle after a call about a suspected drug overdose. When Cusack attempts to check on the man behind the wheel, he immediately wakes up and takes off – dragging the police officer along side of the vehicle.

The car reached speeds of 60 miles per hour, traveled for approximately one-half mile, and attempted to crash into a fire rescue vehicle before Cusack, 47, let go of the door and landed off the side of the road.

According to police, Cabrera then led them on a chase, climbing to speeds of 100 mph, and even using heroin while driving, before they were eventually able to apprehended him in the midst of busy morning traffic on I-595.

There was a female passenger in the car. She has not been charged.

Thomas Cabrera has been charged with attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

Cusack sustained injuries including road rash over much of his body. The soles and heels of his boots were reportedly completely burned off. He was taken to a local hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.

According to the Broward Police Benevolent Association, Cusack has a wife and three children. The heroic officer says he and his family will still be taking their planned trip to Walt Disney World this coming weekend.


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