South Florida to see climbing gas prices as demand for fuel sets new record

South-Florida-Gas Prices

South Florida motorists have noticed that the falling gas prices of the last several weeks have come to an abrupt end. In fact, AAA data reports that the average cost per gallon of gas has increased six cents since this time last week. The gas prices will likely continue to climb, placing the area’s per-gallon cost at some of the highest in the state.

The average Florida gas price has risen on 10 of the last 12 days. Experts say you can expect prices to jump at least another 10 cents in the coming weeks. The Sunshine State is surprisingly not on the list of states with the highest gas prices. Georgia’s week-over-week increase landed the biggest upsurge in the country.

Nationwide, the average price is up over 25 cents per gallon over March of 2017. At time of publishing, the average is $2.611, up from $2.284 at the same time in 2017, according to AAA.

On March 26, 2018, the average price of regular gas in the state of Florida was $2.546 per gallon. Palm Beach County’s average was $2.668 with Miami-Dade at $2.486. Jefferson County was ranked the highest at $2.707 and Pinellas County ranked the lowest at $2.466.

Exactly what is behind the increase at the pumps? Simply put, demand strengthened and gasoline inventories declined. The combination of events pushed the national gas price up, according to a AAA spokesperson.

Strong motor vehicle travel activity is literally fueling the rising demand. Florida continues to be the top travel destination for Spring Break.

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