South Florida: Wet Weather coming to stay for a while

Florida Weather

The National Weather Service Office in Miami along with lead forecaster Robert Garcia is warning Palm Beach County and all of South Florida to get ready for some wet weather.

Just how wet will it get? Well, how about 3 inches or more by the end of tomorrow. Garcia says there’s a 70% chance of rain every day through Friday.

Beyond the nuisance rain, the National Hurricane Center is calculating the odds of this system turning into a Tropical depression or perhaps even Tropical Storm Irma. While they don’t want to emphasize the drama that surrounds a named storm system, they do want everyone to stay informed.

If the system makes landfall, the rains will be heavy; but even if it stays off shore, it could churn and dump potentially significant levels of rainfall as well. Localized flooding is possible and areas with poor drainage should be on alert.

Children getting on and off of school buses will need an extra layer of rain gear. Check in on the elderly and those living alone. Be sure to bring in pets or provide them with good shelter from the rain and standing water.

As with all localized flooding, if you are driving and can not see the street, do not drive through it. AAA recommends not driving through any water that appears to be moving. They say as little as 4 inches of water could potentially cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

If you must drive, slow down slowly. Sharp stopping could cause hydroplaning. Be courteous of others drivers, leaving twice as much room as normal and moving at a cautiously slow speed so as not to create bow waves for other vehicles.

South Floridians are not strangers to torrential downpours, so brush up on your plans for storm season now. Check the status of the tropical systems and be sure to keep up with all of the latest South Florida News right here at SFN11.



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