Spirit Airlines cancels flight, passenger brawl breaks out

Spirit Airlines cancels flight, passenger brawl

(CNN )-Screams and commotion took control of Fort Lauderdale’s airport Monday as tourists encountered Spirit Airlines staff members and police.

About 300 Spirit flights have been canceled over the previous seven days leaving thousands of guests angry. The airline company states its own pilots lag the cancellations and is suing them in federal court.Passengers throughout the country faced hours-long delays and flight cancellations for days. By Monday night, some travelers in Florida had enough.

The front ticket counter at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport became mayhem, and Broward County deputies stepped in to attempt to restore the peace between guests and airline company employees.

Travelers rushed off an aircraft after their flight was canceled and approached the ticket counter, where dozens of guests were currently waiting in line, guests informed CNN affiliate WFOR-TV in Miami. Video footage reveals deputies battling with travelers. Some were pulled aside from the crowd, while others were taken to the ground and positioned in handcuffs. Several people were detained but it’s uncertain if they will be facing any charges. “Pilot shortage results in cancellations” Spirit Airlines spokesman Paul Berry stated the company was “stunned and saddened”to see the events that happened at the Ft. Lauderdale airport and blamed its pilots.

“These pilots have actually put their quest for a new contract ahead of getting clients to their destinations and the security of their fellow Spirit Team Members, “Berry stated in a statement.In a federal lawsuit, the airline says cancellations have actually been triggered by pilot unavailability and is accusing the pilots’union– the Airline Pilots Association, International(ALPA )– of managing an illegal slowdown.

Spirit canceled 81 flights on Sunday alone, according to the claim, making up roughly 17%of the provider’s arranged flights for the day. They approximate that about 20,000 clients have actually been affected considering that the cancellations began last week.The ALPA rejected bring out a slowdown in a statement to CNN.” Rather, ALPA and the Spirit pilots are continuing to do everything possible to assist restore the company’s operations, which have actually experienced substantial issues over the previous several days,”a spokesperson said in a declaration to CNN. Contract conflict The airline company says pilots are refusing”open time”flights and last minute assignments that would make them make two times their pay.

In the claim, the airline company declares union members have actually taken part in a campaign threatening and intimidating other pilots who accept last minute assignments.The union leaders were already expecting legal action Friday. In a message to members, leaders stated the airline company believed the union was behind the scarcity of pilots and motivated them to work.” Basically, pilots who desire to select up open time must do so and not be questioned, “the message said.

These stresses don’t come as a surprise. Since 2015, the airline and the pilots union have actually worked through several official and casual agreement settlements but they have actually not reached an agreement. Copyright 2017 by CNN NewSource.


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