Stoneman Douglas football team, Aaron Feis family to help announce NFL Draft

Miami Dolphins Aaron Feis Stoneman Douglas NFL draft

The family of Parkland shooting victim and assistant football coach Aaron Feis, along with 18 graduating senior players from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas football team will help the Miami Dolphins make some of their draft picks at the podium during the 2018 NFL Draft next week.

Reports indicate that the group will announce the Dolphins’ draft picks on the third and final day of the draft, during Rounds 4-7 on April 28 from the team’s training facility in Davie, FL.

Miami has five picks between 123 and 229 to be announced on the day the MSD High School players and coach’s family will participate.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell usually announces the first-round selections at the draft, but the league has started allowing teams to choose special guests to announce their picks past the first round.

In recent years, teams have invited former players, local personalities, special fans, and other guests called upon to deliver the picks. The Dolphins’ move to call on the players from Stoneman Douglas, is not the first time the team has thrown their support behind the Parkland community.

The Dolphins’ organization donated $100,000 to the Marjory Stoneman Douglas fund, plus an additional $17,500 to the Feis family. In addition, several Dolphins players have made personal visits to survivors. In March, the team organized a youth football clinic for the students of Parkland.

Below is our article about Aaron Feis. The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School graduate was working as a security guard and assistant coach when he was killed in the February 14 mass shooting.

Heroic Football Coach Aaron Feis Gave His All to Save Students in Parkland Shooting

Feb. 15, 2018

In the wake of an unbelievable mass shooting that left 17 people dead in and around Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on Wednesday, the story of selfless assistant football coach, Aaron Feis, inspires hope for all mankind.

“He was one of the greatest people I knew. He was a phenomenal man.”

-Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel

Feis, 37, who also worked as a security guard at the school, may not have planned to save the lives of students when he came to work on Wednesday, but when a gunman armed with a semiautomatic AR-15 rifle began hailing bullets toward students, the man who once played football for and graduated from Stoneman Douglas High School, used his own body as a shield for others.

Students say that Feis leaped in front of two or more students as bullets flew in their direction. The coach described as always having a smile, sacrificed all he had to save the lives of students.

Feis, who was shot, did not die at the scene, but was rushed into emergency surgery. Sadly, he did not survive, due to his injuries.

Aaron Feis worked as a coach at the Parkland, FL school for more than ten years. He lived in nearby Coral Springs and leaves behind a wife and young daughter. There are severalGoFundMe pages dedicated to the heroic late coach.


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