Severe weather risk moving in on South Florida – what to expect

Severe weather South Florida

Monday could deliver South Florida’s highest risk for severe weather this year. A powerful cold front from the north will likely produce strong storms, lightning, fierce or damaging winds, and possible hail, according to the latest reports from the National Weather Service.

Residents should be prepared for the more severe storms to begin in the afternoon and evening hours on Monday, but the region could also see some scattered rain – at times heavy – ahead of the larger system. Temperatures will drop throughout the day. Most areas will dip into the low 70’s and upper 60’s.

As the cold front migrates south and meets with the warmer air, destructive storms and frequent lightning are likely to develop. The potential for development increases in the evening hours.

Closer to Palm Beach County and areas north, there is a lower chance of severe storms, but isolated areas may see periods of heavy rain and lightning in the afternoon.

Temperatures for Tuesday and Wednesday should remain mild with sunny to mostly sunny skies. Overnight lows will be chilly with numbers expected to plunge into the high 40’s in some interior areas.

Abundant sunshine should fill Wednesday through Friday as seasonal temps reach into the mid 70’s in most of South Florida.



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