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Subculture Coffee offers Latte with a side of Literature

Subculture Coffee offers Latte with a side of Literature

Any coffee shop worth its pumpkin spice latte will have a fair share of French-press slurping, laptop-focused students and overly-caffeinated, athleisure-clad mommies, but this may well be the only one in the country that has a literature dispenser.

Subculture Coffee in West Palm Beach is known for their urban-cool vibe and luscious coconut lattes, of which Thrillist.com critic Alexandra Pastron penned, “You’ll find yourself wanting one at all hours of the day, which is fine because this place is open until 2am sometimes”. And now they’re known for housing more than 70,000 short stories.

When founders Rodney and Sean conceived Subculture, they say they based their company on the belief in two simple things: the coffee culture and this city (West Palm Beach).

It may just be that “coffee culture” they believe in that propelled Subculture to attain the rare literature dispenser. The West Palm Beach Downtown Development Authority reached out to the French maker of the devices, Short Edition. They decided to test out the uncommon attraction at the diversely popular java stop.

According to Short Edition, this was only the second installment in the U.S. and the first one to reach the East Coast. They are in works with the development authority to deliver two more machines to the area as part of the enhanced West Palm Beach experience.

Thanks to the placement from the PBC Development Authority, Subculture Coffee can now offer a free way for interested readers to print out a one, three, or five minute short story. While the stories are plentiful, the company hopes to promote writings from local authors too.

So far, the story machine has been a hit with Subculture patrons. The short works are PG-rated and the genres are randomly selected by the apparatus. Ranging from suspense to lighthearted comedy, the brief reads are sure to be a terrific accompaniment to Subculture’s mouthwatering offerings.

Subculture Coffee is located at 509 Clematis St, West Palm Beach, Florida, FL 33401 Phone: (561) 318-5142    www.subculturecoffee.com



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