Suspected Killer Clown in Palm Beach County Jail – State Seeking Death Penalty


Sheila Keen Warren, 54, was booked into the Palm Beach County Jail on Tuesday night.

Keen Warren is accused of being the killer clown in a 27-year-old murder case, and has been extradited to Palm Beach County following her arrest in southwest Virginia on September 26.

Keen Warren is charged with the first-degree murder of Marlene Warren, a former Wellington resident and wife of Keen Warren’s current husband.

A court appearance this morning revealed that prosecutors for the state will seek the death penalty.

The high-profile “Killer Clown” murder became world news 27 years ago when 40-year-old Marlene Warren was shot at least once in the face while answering her front door. The shooter was a clown dressed in a red bulb-nose, orange wig, and white face paint, carrying flowers and balloons.

Fibers matching the clown wig were found in Sheila Keen (Warren’s) home and she became an initial suspect in the murder. Witnesses from a costume shop and supermarket flower department all identified Keen (Warren) as purchasing the costume, flowers and balloons. Still, authorities did not believe they had enough probable cause to arrest Keen (Warren). Without further evidence, the case went cold.

What makes the arrest possible 27 years later? Sheriff Ric Bradshaw explains that new DNA testing/evidence and updated witness interviews allowed his “cold case” detectives to identify Keen Warren as the suspected shooter.

Questions remain regarding the involvement of Michael Warren, who was reportedly having an affair with Keen (Warren), an employee of his used car dealership, prior to the murder of his then wife, Marlene Warren.

Records indicate that Michael Warren married Sheila Keen about 15 years ago. The couple had been operating a fast-food restaurant in Kingsport, TN and living comfortably in nearby Abington, VA. The two apparently retired last year. Customers and neighbors claim they had no idea the two were connected to the killer clown murder.

No charges have been made against Michael Warren, but Sheriff Bradshaw said the investigation remains open.



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