Home Healthcare The teen who faked being a South Florida doctor is sentenced to prison

The teen who faked being a South Florida doctor is sentenced to prison

The teen who faked being a South Florida doctor is sentenced to prison

On Thursday, Malachi Love-Robinson pleaded guilty to one count of practicing medicine without a license as part of a plea deal. Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jeffery Colbath approved the punishment of three-and-one-half years in prison.

Love-Robinson was just 17 years old when he first posed as a doctor in South Florida. The teen dressed in a white lab coat, wore a name badge and an authentic stethoscope around his neck as he claimed to be a West Palm Beach doctor and watched at least one gynecological exam at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

The now 20-year-old Love-Robinson has been serving time for fraud in Virginia where he falsely used his godmother’s information in attempts to purchase a Jaguar automobile.

Originally facing 14 charges, and as many as 90 years in prison, Love-Robinson’s plea deal sentence includes paying back $80,000 to his victims once he completes his 3.5 year prison term. He receives 16 months credit for time already served and will not be on probation when he is released.

His case gained national attention when it was discovered the teen had constructed an elaborate scheme of false diplomas and years of deceit.

Records show that in 2015, the teenager opened a clinic in Boynton Beach. Love-Robinson soon closed it after he was issued a cease-and-desist order from the Florida of Department of Health due to the fact that he didn’t have a medical license.

Later, an arrest report revealed Love-Robinson was again practicing medicine without a license in South Florida from The New Birth New Life Medical Center in West Palm Beach where he was posing as a licensed physician.

The teenager had employees and was running the practice, but no one at the facility had a license to treat patients.

In 2016, Love-Robinson was again arrested following his alleged physical examination of a female officer working undercover.

Love-Robinson has also acknowledged guilt on charges of practicing naturopathy without a license as well as grand theft. Those charges stemmed from allegations that he stole personal checks while he visited a “patient,” an 86-year-old West Palm Beach woman with severe intestinal pain.

The woman became so sick upon one visit that Love-Robinson called for an ambulance.

The elderly woman’s bank account was depleted of more than $34,500 which reportedly went to pay Love-Robinson’s car and credit loans.

Although he wore a physician’s lab coat and stethoscope, Love-Robinson maintains that he told the woman he was not a doctor.


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