‘This Is Us’ Season 2 gets ‘Rocky’ and Answers questions about Jack

This Is Us Cast

This Is Us, on NBC, took the television world by storm. The first season of the break-out drama dragged us (willingly) into the lives of the Big 3 and their parents and left us wanting more, not to mention the fabulous Mandy Moore.

Season 2 promises not to disappoint. Ultimately, it promises to resolve our burning question – how does Jack die?

We all thought – you know you did – we were going to find out Jack’s fate at the end of Season 1, but the drunk driving scene turned out to be one of many that had us holding our breath and wondering if this was it for the patriarch of the family.

The smash series’ creator, Dan Fogelman, says fans will learn all they want to know about the seemingly perfect dad. Yes, we will know how/when/where Jack dies. He says we’ll also gain a deeper understanding of how the marriage of Jack and Rebecca falls apart.

Every unbelievably well-cast member of the award-nominated show is critical to the endearing tale, but Milo Ventimiglia (Jack) and Mandy Moore (Rebecca) is the relationship we just can’t get enough of. And Fogelman assures us we will see plenty of the pair’s dynamics.

The first episode of Season 2 picks up with the family about a month or two after the Season 1 finale, right on time for the kids to celebrate their 37th birthdays. Justin Hartley (Kevin) is working on his film career and on his relationship with his ex-wife. That’s when we’ll get a look at his film’s co-star, played by Rocky himself, Sylvester Stallone.

Fogelman assures viewers that Stallone and Hartley develop a father/son-type rapport. This storyline should seal the deal for some new followers of the show. Spoiler alert: there will be tears!

But even the addition of Stallone will not detract from the Jack and Rebecca plight.

“There’s a lot of healing to be done,” Fogelman told the Television Critics Association. “We’ve painted a picture of the world’s perfect dad, man and husband and now we’re going to show the struggle of being that guy and bring him to a fully realized place.”

Fans are eager to watch it all unfold.

This Is Us Season 2 premiers on NBC on September 26th.



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