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Three Of the Biggest Cruise Lines Double-Charged Guests

Three Of the Biggest Cruise Lines Double-Charged Guests
Philipsburg, St. Maarten - Jan. 16, 2013: Princess Cruise Lines ship, the Ruby Princess, anchored in the Caribbean island of St. Maarten. Passengers have to take a water taxi in order to get to the mainland.

Excited cruise customers, some saving for years, planning journeys on 3 of the world’s largest cruise lines recently got some unwanted news ahead of their set up trips– they were charged twice for the vacation.

Numerous people who reserved travel plans on P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises and Cunard discovered a 2nd pending deal for trips they currently paid for– some were out countless dollars– leaving them in an unwanted monetary crunch.

Upon additional investigation into the occurrence, the cruise lines have actually heaped the blame on Elavon, a third-party payment company, calling the incident a”one-off technical error” in a joint declaration, according to The Telegraph.

“Refunds are being processed and we are working with Elavon to investigate. Any charges incurred by guests as a result of this issue will be refunded. We apologize to those who were affected by this error,” the statement released Monday said.

But those customers impacted by the mistake say the double charges have actually had a snowball effect on their bank accounts.

On Cruise Critic’s customer online forum, one person composed that P&O Cruises took  ₤3,600 (about $4,670 ) out of his savings account Friday for a cruise he had actually paid for earlier in the year.

The same consumer alleged that the mistake led to an overdrawn checking account, in accordance with Travel Agent Central.

The technical payment system mistake isn’t really the only issue Princess Cruises is currently facing.On Twitter, numerous clients have actually complained about their negative experience aboard the cruise line in the past few days alone, noting issues with flooded rooms and poor customer care.

All 3 cruise lines associated with the double-charging occurrence are owned by Carnival Corporation.


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