Tragedy in West Melbourne: Teen Standoff with Police ends in Death

West Melbourne Police

The West Melbourne Police Depart released some details regarding the overnight standoff between officers and an armed 16-year-old inside a home. The teenager was later found deceased from an apparent self-inflicted gun shot wound.

According to the department, at 11:57pm, October 11, Police responded to a disturbance in the 500 block of Martin Lane in West Melbourne, FL. The caller advised that her teenage grandson was throwing things around inside the residence.

Officers arrived and entered the home where they began interviewing family members.

As they were speaking with those present, the 16-year-old grandson came from a back bedroom and began firing at officers.

The police officials and three other occupants retreated toward the front door of the home as the suspect continued firing. Officers were not able to return fire.

No officers or occupants of the home were injured.
The shooter, later identified as Michael Proctor, remained inside the home with at least two others.

The West Melbourne Police Department Strategic Response Team secured a perimeter on the residence. Several homes were evacuated and others were instructed to stay inside as the incident was unfolding. The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office SWAT Team was also assisting the call.

At about 3 AM, one male occupant was able to leave the home.

At approximately 5 AM, the second person was able to flee the home.

Police used an undisclosed tactic to re-enter the residence.

Early this morning, the police gave an update which included that the shooter was deceased from an apparent self-inflicted gun shot.

According to the police spokesperson, the teen had a smaller caliber long gun firearm earlier in the day and the gun was removed from him. The teen’s aunt commented that she did not know how he got the firearm.

The police spokesperson said, “The most important takeaway from this is just to be sure of your children’s whereabouts and what they have,” he continued, “This is never the resolution that we want.”

The investigation is ongoing.



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