Travelers finding South Florida a HOTSPOT for Winter Vacations

Miami Beach

The hurricanes may have been brutal toward much of Florida this year, but despite the severe weather, hotels and resorts are now bracing for a storm of vacationers throughout the winter season.

In fact, travelers are requesting to have their Caribbean vacations relocated to South Florida hotspots like Miami and Boca Raton.

Florida counts heavily on tourism revenue, which usually has the hotel industry on edge. But the feeling is quite optimistic for the upcoming season.

Experts and analysts agree that South Florida, especially Miami, is becoming less of a seasonal destination and more of a year-round attraction. Still, the highest demand for lodging falls between November and April.

Visitors looking for fun, sun, and an exciting cultural scene will not be disappointed with a Florida holiday. Coastal Florida’s warm weather and beaches is exactly what the winter travelers want.

“we are more than able to welcome those displaced travelers into the Miami market,” Gregory Rumpel, managing director of JLL’s Hotels & Hospitality Group

With setbacks in the Caribbean and Puerto Rico, Miami and all of South Florida’s warm weather and beach life is poised to see an uptick in tourist travel.
“We have capacity and we obviously have a great destination,” Rumpel said.



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