Home U.S. News Trump admin to extend protections for Haitians

Trump admin to extend protections for Haitians

Trump admin to extend protections for Haitians

WASHINGTON(AP)— The Trump administration is extending humanitarian protections for Haitian immigrants residing in the United States till a minimum of January.

The Temporary Protected Status for 50,000 Haitians was set to end in July. A U.S. federal government authorities states the Trump administration has consented to extend it by a minimum of 6 months. The status safeguards the Haitians from deportation.

It was implemented after a 2010 earthquake ravaged parts of Haiti.The official was briefed on the choice but not licensed to publicly reveal information in advance of an announcement. Haitian-Americans, lawmakers and the Haitian government have actually advised the Trump administration to leave the protections in place.

They say the country is still not all set to take back immigrants who have actually been living abroad.


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