Piper plane has crash landing at Pompano Airpark, no injuries reported

Pompano Beach Air Park Boca Raton

For the second time in a 24-hour period, a plane experienced a difficult landing at the Pompano Airpark in Boca Raton, Florida. The latest, a Piper PA-32 reported having engine trouble shortly after take-off.

The plane turned around, but could not slow for a proper landing causing the aircraft to nearly touch down at a speed of 120 mph. The troubled plane lifted slightly and turned before crashing into a fence. Remarkably, the two men on board sustained no injuries.

Reports say that the pilot ran out of runway and had to make the decision to bank the plane.

The plane, a six-passenger vessel, was assumed to be a total loss. From images, it appears that the aircraft’s wings were both removed in the accident. The nose of the plane looks to be cracked and torn away from the fuselage as well.

According to reports, both men on the Thursday morning flight are pilots from Boca Raton. The two say they are grateful and happy to be alive.

A spokesperson for Pompano Beach Fire Rescue called the fact that the 50 and 61-year-old men were able to walk away from the accident “a miracle.” She noted that the only treatment rendered was a single Band-Aid.

The cause of this crash is currently under investigation.

A similar incident occurred at Pompano Airpark on Wednesday. A small plane had a rough landing which caused it to spin around. There was very minor damage reported in that case. No injuries were sustained.




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