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Uber app can Spy on your iPhone

Uber app can Spy on your iPhone

News flash: The Uber app can spy on your iPhone.

Millions of iPhone users have the Uber app. What they may not know is that Uber has the unique ability to spy on the phone’s screen, according to a recent discovery.

And Uber is not doing this illicitly. The popular people-moving company has the complete permission of Apple – and its millions of users – with or without their knowledge.

ZDNet reports that the Uber app for iOS can read the phone’s screen buffer which allows it to view and potentially record anything on the iPhone’s screen – without asking the user’s permission or alerting the user.

How did Uber gain the unprecedented allowance? Simply put, Apple granted its permission. To date, it is the only third-party with the ability to read and record the screen buffer.

According to ZDNet, Uber said the allowance was only intended to be used with a specific Apple Watch app, in order to let maps render in the background of the user’s iPhone, then “push” to the user’s Apple watch.

A spokesperson from Uber said that future versions of the Uber app will remove the code. “Subsequent updates to Apple Watch and our app removed this dependency, so we’re removing the API completely.”

The scary issue at hand is that unless you remove the app and install a new version of the Uber app, one without the spying allowance, Uber has the ability to secretly record your iPhone’s screen.

Let’s not forget the history that Uber has of recording its users data and locations.

Oh, it gets scarier. The potential exists for hackers to salaciously abuse Uber’s screen-viewing privileges. If the Uber app was compromised in its security, the hackers could spy on your iPhone screen and have access to everything from your accounts to your contacts, your GPS locations, and even two-step security authentications and passwords.


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