US joins Japanese forces off North Korean coast for military training


United States attack aircraft carriers joined Japanese forces in the Sea of Japan on Thursday for training exercises, developing the biggest display of marine power near the peninsula in response to North Korea’s recent effective missile tests.

A video shows USS Ronald Reagan and USS Carl Vinson strike groups trained with 10 other warships, including two provider air wings, in the routine exercise, in accordance with the United States Navy.

“Japan Maritime Self Defense Force (JMSDF) and U.S. Navy forces routinely train together to improve interoperability and readiness to provide stability and security for the Indo-Asia Pacific region,” the Pentagon said.

The last dual provider operation known to the public took place in 2015 when USS Ronald Reagan and USS John C. Stennis groups cruised to the Philippine Sea, according to Stars and Stripes.

The joint training comes after North Korea effectively carried out three ballistic missile tests in a month. The rogue country has pledged to produce a nuclear rocket with the capability of reaching U.S. soil.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un guaranteed to send out the U.S. a larger “gift package.”  

The U.S. military performed a successful missile intercept test, shooting down a mock nuclear, the Pentagon stated. The successful test was the very first of its kind in almost 3 years.

North Korea’s latest test released short-range Scud ballistic missile off its eastern coast, flying for 6 minutes before landing in the Sea of Japan.


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