Home Entertainment USA Curling wins first Olympic Gold Medal – Now what’s Curling?

USA Curling wins first Olympic Gold Medal – Now what’s Curling?

USA Curling wins first Olympic Gold Medal – Now what’s Curling?

The U.S. beat Sweden 10-7 to take its first-ever Olympic Gold medal for Men’s Curling early Saturday morning. The news of the win dubbed “Miracurl on Ice” broke the internet with its massive and enthusiastic fanbase.

The historic victory came just after 4 a.m. EST, but it did not stop followers of America’s new favorite sport from celebrating via social media. T.V. and movie personality Mr. T, who called the team before the championship game, sent out his tweet at 4:18 a.m. The University of Missouri and LA Kings got in on the early morning accolades too.

Mr T USA curling tweet






The King of Sweden watched the final game as did Ivanka Trump who was spotted holding the young son of USA’s skip John Shuster.

The American team known as Team Shuster did not have an easy or clear path to Olympic Gold. After losing four of their first six games, it took the leadership of the four-time Olympian to drive the team to three straight victories before advancing to the playoffs.

Then the unthinkable happened – U.S. Curling beat three-time defending gold medalist Canada – twice. This was an historic mark, since no U.S. team had ever beaten Canada at the Olympics.

In the end, it was the U.S Team on the Gold platform, Sweden took silver, and Switzerland took the bronze curling medals.

What is Curling?

According to Wonderopolis.org, curling is a unique mix of shuffleboard and bowling on ice, with the strategy of chess thrown in for good measure. Curling features two four-person teams who alternate sliding a large stone across the ice toward a bull’s-eye 126 feet away.

“Some believe curling is a relatively new sport. Hardly! Curling dates back to 16th-century Scotland, where farmers used large, smooth stones they found in local streams to play the game on frozen marshes.”

Still confused about curling?

Check out this YouTube video uploaded by “Olympic” last week.


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