Vanity Fair regrets video about Hillary Clinton after supporters outraged

Hillary Clinton Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair says they regret publishing a video on their “Hive” website which made a mockery of suggestions for New Year’s resolutions for Hillary Clinton to adapt in 2018.

The publication stated that it was an attempt at humor, but Clinton supporters – as well as many others – are not in any way amused.

The article posted these exact suggestions:

It’s time to start working on your sequel to your book, “What Happened”: “What the Hell Happened.”

Get someone on your tech staff to disable autofill on your iPhone so that typing in “F” doesn’t become “Form Exploratory Committee for 2020.”

You know how on Anderson Cooper you were telling him about alternate-nostril breathing? You seemed really adept. You should try teaching a class.

Take more photos in the woods. How else you are going to meet unsuspecting hikers?

Take up a new hobby in the New Year: Volunteer work, knitting, improv comedy – literally anything that will keep you from running again.

Put away your James Comey voodoo doll. We all know you think James Comey cost you the election, and maybe he might have, but so did a handful of other things. It’s a year later and time to move on.

“So cheers to you Hillary Clinton,” the authors condescendingly concluded.

Social media erupted with outrage, not just from Clinton supporters, but also from supporters of women’s rights and others who claimed not to be a Clinton fans at all, but still found the satire offensive, ageist, and sexist.

Many have called for a boycott of Vanity Fair and asked for those who hold subscriptions to unsubscribe, calling the publication “a trash heap.”

An excruciatingly long four days after posting the video, Vanity Fair replied to the controversy to say that they regret publishing the video which was an attempt at humor.


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