Venus Williams: At Fault for Palm Beach Gardens Crash, Fatality


According to the police report, tennis super-star Venus Williams was at fault for the June 9 auto accident that resulted in a 78-year-old man losing his life.

The accident happened near Williams’ house in Palm Beach Gardens, at the intersection of Northlake Boulevard and Ballen Isles Drive at 1:13 p.m.

Jerome Barson, a passenger in the other car, passed away from his injuries 2 weeks after the crash.

Barson’s family and widow, Linda Barson, released a statement and declined to talk to the media: “[Barson’s widow] is extremely distraught and heartbroken; she was married to him for over 35 years.”

The collision report says neither medicines neither alcohol were involved.The crash happened

A representative for Williams, Malcolm Cunningham, issued a statement emphasizing that Williams had a green light and was traveling at 5 mph when “Mrs. Barson crashed into her.”

Cunningham went on to say, “Authorities did not issue Ms. Williams with any citations or traffic violations,” and “This is an unfortunate accident and Venus expressed her deepest condolences to the family who lost a loved one.”

Williams is currently preparing for Wimbledon, which starts in London on Monday.

The Women’s tennis champion and four Olympic gold medalist lives in the Ballen Isles Community close to where the crash happened.



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