Venus Williams Lawyers say she was not Distracted, Cellphone records to be Disclosed

Venus Williams

Venus Williams Lawyers say she was not Distracted, Cellphone records to be Disclosed

Venus Williams’ lawyer, Malcolm Cunningham told the press, “We deny that she [Williams] was distracted.”

The tennis star‘s legal team is ready to back up that claim by rendering the cellphone records from the time surrounding the accident which resulted in the death of Jerome Barson, 78, thirteen days later.

Williams is facing a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the estate of Barson, who was in the front passenger seat while his wife, Linda Barson was driving their Hyundai on June 9 in Palm Beach Gardens.

Authorities initially said that Williams was at fault for the accident on Northlake Boulevard and BallenIsles Drive, but then released reports saying that Williams entered the intersection legally. The Barsons also entered the intersection legally.

Williams has maintained her position that she had no alternative in stopping in the location due to a Nissan Altima which made a left turn in front of her.  A video surveillance camera captured a portion of the accident which appears to confirm Williams’ recount.

Williams estimated speed was estimated at 5 mp, Mrs. Barson’s was estimated at 25 mph.

Legal representatives for Barson’s team suggest that the request for cellphone records, including passwords and protection from any tampering are routine in cases like these.

Williams, a Palm Beach Gardens resident who was not injured, released a statement following the crash including hat she was “devastated and heartbroken by this accident.”

Williams legal team has also requested records from Barson’s estate.

The data contained in “black boxes” from both vehicles has been evaluated and documented according to court orders.

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We will continue to update this article as more information becomes available.



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