Vero Beach High School Student Punished for “Trump-like” Speech, gains International attention

Vero Beach High School

Vero Beach High School Student Punished for “Trump-like” Speech, gains International attention

In an article about free speech in a race for Vero Beach High School’s Class President, writer Laurence Reisman of TCPalm touched on the “Trump effect” which led to international media attention, support, criticism, and controversy for the article’s subject.

Reisman’s initial story, which was released last June, detailed how J.P. Krause was disqualified from the senior class president race at Vero Beach High School (VBHS), due to an impromptu, satirical, 90-second speech he gave before the start of an advanced placement U.S. History class.

The speech was videoed by at least one student.

Krause, who was clearly using a light-hearted tone and not participating in a formal speech before the student body, delivered his address using some presidential phrases. He stated that he was “all for freedom and equality,” and through the laughter of his classmates, questioned if his opponent would “raise taxes” or “impose a dress code.”

The high school student went on to say that he would “Build a wall” between his high school and a rival high school and have the other school pay for it.

Sound familiar?

The principal of VBHS deemed that it violated the school’s harassment policy. Krause was made to serve detention and disqualified from the role of Class President, even though he had won in a landslide victory.

It wasn’t long before Mark Miller of The Pacific Legal Foundation read about the reprimand and offered to represent Krause legally against the school. He wrote to the Indian River County School Board asking them to reinstate Krause as Class President.

In a matter of days, Superintendent Mark Rendell overturned the principal’s decision and reinstated Krause as Class President, withdrawing all punishment.

Many news outlets chose to broadcast the topic using the Trump connection. Fox and Friends, The View, The Daily News, and other media from across the globe engaged in “Trumpness” of the speech, which surprised Reisman.

As for Krause, he’s focusing on his own presidency.


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