West Palm Beach Family Claims 14-year-old Was Hit By Teacher at Bear Lakes Middle School

Mack Jr.
Photo: Shay Wilson, FaceBook

The family of 14-year-old Alvin Mack Jr. is claiming that the teen was struck in the face by a teacher at Bear Lakes Middle School in West Palm Beach. They say he was left bruised and swollen with the bone surrounding his left eye sustaining a small fracture. Photos of an injured Mack Jr. are quickly circulating on social media.

According to the boy’s relatives, Mack became engaged in a verbal altercation with the teacher while walking to class in a school hallway. The boy’s aunt, Tyece Mack, recalled what she was told:

“He said the teacher grabbed him by his shirt and that’s when my nephew said he grabbed him back. A friend came in between them and he said the teacher swung around the friend and hit him,”

The Palm Beach County School District has stated that they are looking into the alleged incident and have not confirmed the identity of the teacher involved. Postings on the family’s FaceBook accounts have included the alleged teacher’s name and photograph. They have also stated that the man was not one of Mack Jr.’s teachers.

The School District confirmed that the middle schooler was transported to the hospital by Bear Lakes Middle School staff.

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Alvin Mack Sr., the father of the teen involved, says he just wants his son to get better. He described the alleged hit to his child by the teacher as “a grown man’s punch.”

Although the family says they have filed a report with the Palm Beach County School District police, at the time of his report, they had not heard anything from the School District.

Makc Jr. was released from the hospital and his family says he is recovering at home.

News of a video of the alleged altercation has not yet been confirmed.


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