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What does South Florida think of the new Amazon Key?

What does South Florida think of the new Amazon Key?

Would you give Amazon a key to your home? That’s basically the concept of the new Amazon Key product announced earlier today by the internet mega-retailer.

The “Key” is actually a unique, randomly generated code which allows couriers to unlock your front door for five minutes and leave your parcels inside your home, thus eliminating the potential for parcel theft. The system includes a live video for the homeowner, showing the delivery and the courier.

Although Amazon is known for releasing must-have technology and innovative products, the new Amazon Key has not being met with overwhelming acceptance.

To find out how residents in South Florida feel about the new Amazon Key, we asked locals if they would buy the new product.

L’Otavia J. of Lake Worth thought the idea sounded like a sign of times, “I mean, if you’re going to get in an Uber with someone you don’t know or you go out with somebody from a dating app, I don’t think it’s that different,” she continued. “It’s the way things work these days.”

Others had their minds made up –

“This could not have been designed by a woman,” Lea E. of Wellington commented. “Women are too smart to be letting strangers in their home. No way would I go for this.”

The feelings seemed to be mixed about whether or not the product would be potentially dangerous or pose a security issue. But most in South Florida say they would not buy it, at least not until they see it work for others.

“Amazon already wants my time, my money, my personal information – I guess it’s only fair that I give them a key to my house too.” Eric N., West Palm Beach.

Our survey, though admittedly not official, found that most South Floridians don’t expect they’ll buy the Amazon Key package.

“What would my golden retriever do? I hope the courier brings dog treats?” Drake S., Palm Beach Gardens.

Some security experts believe that the new product may serve to deter prospective thieves. They argue that if a person with bad intent saw the Amazon Key system, they’d probably move on to another house.

According to their website, the Amazon Key is exclusively for Prime members in select cities and surrounding areas. The Amazon Key In-Home Kit, starts at $249.99. The kit includes: the Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition) indoor security camera and a compatible smart lock from Kwikset or Yale.


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