Will America Run on Dunkin’ Donuts shoes? Saucony launches sweet new kicks

Dunkin Donuts saucony x dunkin' kinvara 9

It’s hard to look at the Saucony X Dunkin’ Kinvara 9 running shoes without repeating the doughnut chain’s slogan, “America runs on Dunkin’.” The soon-to-be-released kicks are a collaboration between footwear giant Saucony and doughnut giant Dunkin’ Donuts.

Perhaps doughnuts aren’t the first things that come to mind when you’re in the market for superior running shoes, but once you see the special edition of Saucony’s Kinvara 9, which was named “Editor’s Choice” by Runner’s World in 2018, you may feel differently.

Both Saucony, which is celebrating it’s 120th year, and Dunkin’ Donuts are Boston-based companies. Together, they are launching the DD-themed sneaks just in time for marathon season. No doubt we’ll spot a pair or two at the 122nd running of the Boston Marathon, which is scheduled for Patriots’ Day, April 18.

The white running shoes with DD’s magenta, orange, and brown signature color palette appearing in sprinkles around a strawberry-frosted doughnut, have all of the high-quality features you’d expect from Saucony. The Dunkin’ Donuts logo may be embroidered on the tongue, but rest assured the cutting-edge technology is packed in “some of the most New England running gear ever made.”

Saucony’s website says the apparently sought-after kicks are “fresh out of stock,” even for pre-orders. But starting April 3, the Saucony X Dunkin’ Kinvara 9 will be exclusively available at Marathon Sports, both in-stores and on-line.

You can also try for a chance to win a pair of the sweet sneaks — do-nut you wish they were scented too? — by participating in the Boston Marathon expo. Find details here.

Any thoughts on your first destination after lacing up your DD running shoes?


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