Will Trump attend Mar-a-Lago $100,000-per-couple Anniversary Party?

Mar-a-lago Trump Sweepstakes

The White House  announced on Friday afternoon that President Donald Trump may indeed NOT be attending his one-year inauguration anniversary dinner at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday. The party is a $100,000-per-couple fundraising event for the Trump 2020 Campaign.

Citing the impasse in Congress which threatens to shut down the government, Trump vowed to stay at the nation’s capitol until the Senate can approve a spending bill.

Perhaps the thought of the world seeing photos of the US President partying in his opulent Palm Beach, Florida resort at the cost of about $50k per person, isn’t what he wants to send out when the country’s government is on the brink of a shutdown.

The move is a bold one, since Anniversary Party guests who paid the six-figure sum, were promised a photo with POTUS himself at Mar-a-Lago.

Should there actually be a government shutdown, the event will be historic. It will be the first time that a one-party government in the both the White House and Congress fails to reach an agreement and thereby creates an authentic shutdown.

It would also mark the first shutdown since 2013, when Republicans led the unpopular 16-day closure in their failed effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

If efforts to pass a new spending bill fail, federal employees will be sent home and denied pay.

In the end, it will be interesting to see if Republicans decide that a shutdown is a price worth paying for not doing a DACA deal, all the while insisting they want to do a DACA deal.

One possibility for at least temporary resolution would be an agreement to provide funding for a few more days, allowing time for negotiations. That would be the fourth temporary spending measure passed this fiscal year, which would need to be followed up with another.



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