Winter shows no plans of stopping, not even in South Florida

South Florida Weather 1-14-2018 NWS Mimai Twitter

Old Man Winter seems to be vacationing in South Florida, and like fresh fish and most house guests, we’re ready to throw him out after about three days.

Already in 2018 temperatures have cold-stunned iguanas and sea turtles and caused warm-blooded residents to dig deep to find their heavy sweater and that coat they used to wear up north.

From now through Monday morning, area lows should remain above 40. Some portions of inland in southwest Florida, may see dips into the 30’s, according to the National Weather Service.

Photo courtesy of @NWSMiami

Wednesday is another story. In some SoFla areas, forecasters believe mid-week wind chills will have the feel of temperatures in the upper 30’s and 40’s. The frigid feeling is supposed to last through Thursday morning.

But don’t despair; Thursday’s temps will slowly climb and by Friday, we could have a return to the 70’s, with mid 70’s by Saturday.

We would not recommend burying the bulky sweater in the back of your closet just yet, since January and February are known for receiving chilly visits from Old Man Winter. But we can rest assured that South Florida still has it better than the majority of the country.


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